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As the labs team @ exutec, we are charged with pushing our clients’ ideas forward using cutting-edge technology. We always base our efforts in meeting the fundamental project pillars:

Immersion, transparency and accessibility.

Providing an uncompromised, transparent look at the people and processes of Humana’s production was a first for the brand, and we took the responsibility seriously. What better way to showcase their state of the art installations than through high-quality 360° visualisations? This allowed us to highlight not only the beautiful establishments, but the stories of the people behind them as well.

The Humana brand caters to a large and diverse audience, and we wanted to do the same with this project. This meant adjusting the way we tell our story to offer something for everybody. A straightforward story that starts and ends while you sit there idle wasn’t enough. It wouldn’t go with the spirit of Humana nor the project pillars. We needed to spice things up and find a way to immerse the users in their world.

So we gamified the story a bit. Because, let’s face it, not everyone likes the same things, but who doesn’t like games? 

If, uhm, playing around is not your thing, that’s fine! You can still just sit down, press play and watch everything from start to finish. The folks at Humana will be talking to you directly and make you feel welcome all the time. But if you’re more of the curious type - and trust us, you will want to see what’s behind you - there’s definitely something to find as you explore.

We placed hotspots with extra information on things that might be interesting as they look around. Did the tour guide’s words pique your interest? Feel free to branch off the main story for a moment and dive deeper into that topic. Or simply continue, of course - it’s your choice. Is there a place you want to revisit and explore further? No problem, just pop the (very playful) menu to go back there and return whenever you want. Feeling lost? Stretch your hand forward to call the informative dashboard. Oh, and talking about hands, you’ll actually need to scan yours at every security checkpoint. Sorry, rules are rules! And, of course, we made a tutorial for all VR first-timers.

It’s details like these that change the story from “just someone talking while I watch” to an actual experience that people feel a part of. We constantly remind them that they’re inside the world of Humana.

But we didn’t stop there. We know some people find these VR headsets cumbersome and/or tiring. We’re also aware some are more sensitive to motion sickness than others. We wanted EVERYBODY to have access to this experience, so we brought our virtual tour to iPads and the web. Here, you could complete the whole tour, but with a different level of interaction. Rotate your tablet or phone around you to explore the 360 environment. Tap and swipe to deep dive into interesting topics and stories.

All of this, made possible by creating reusable systems and content that we can use to provide a flexible experience to a wider audience.


How do you tell an interactive story that conveys brand transparency?

Client. Humana
Skill. Strategy, UX/UI, VR, Production/Content
time. From 2019 ongoing

the creative brief

Humana approached us with an intriguing idea to excite their stakeholders and distributors: showcase their new, state-of-the-art production facilities through an interactive Virtual Reality tour.

Common Mindset

Humana is a brand made by families for families. Deeply anchored in the region but known throughout the world for its uncompromising quality and down-to-earth approach, we immediately sparked and developed a strategy that would include the key values of the brand into the experience: Expertise, naturalness and trustworthiness.

The vision

We used innovative technology to power a non-linear interactive storytelling format. This enhances the brand throughout a wealth of touchpoints and connects people. Instead of shooting a static 360° video, we created a world of interactions, story modules and educative content, allowing for deep exploration for different audiences. We also recorded some really interesting shots - for the unexpected WOW effect along the way.


One coherent story.

Many ways to explore it.

How do you tell a story that's interactive yet authentic and real? A story that puts transparency first? We chose VR as our enabling technology and started writing a modular story that engages audiences to dive deeper, learn more and immerse themselves. Our story used selected deep dives, gamification and personal storylines to provide a different experience to every user.

A celebration of the Humana production.

The story closely followed the proven and secure production process of the Humana myPack and other products, allowing the user to see transparently and at their own comfort how natural and safe Humana products are.


"It's incredible how much we have achieved within the first year of our partnership. Our omni-channel VR-experience has really changed the brand and introduced a new era for us."

Tailor-made interactions.
Across VR, Web and iPad.


A hybrid VR experience.

Combining gaming, video and education.

We think using VR and reaching a lot of people doesn't contradict each other. Early on, we decided to use the new Oculus Quest headset, which enables us to create an extensive range of real-life interactions embedded and integrated into the 360° video base story. All interactions served a single purpose: To enable an understanding of the production, hence deepening the trust through transparency.

Celebrate the people.

We were deeply immersed with Humana's team at the new site, ultimately spending more than two weeks in situ. Real employees led users through the process and physically enabled the tour.

USER Experience

Evolving a heritage brand.

Multi-channel and interactively.

Integrating the legacy brand elements one-by-one was ruled out early on, because where's the fun in that? Instead, we chose to use what people love about Humana and give it a digital touch up. This lead to a fully-featured design system that's ready to be used as a base for interactive web projects and installations alike.


Jumping to the vanguard

of contemporary tech.

We developed custom animations and generated 3D models for certain brand elements. The result? A VR Experience that feels familiar, but offers a meaningful look into the future of the brand.

A Multi-Sensory experience

Now, wouldn't it be nice

to be there?

Virtual Reality is great for generating that unique sensation of being someplace else entirely. With our app, we bring users straight into the world of Humana - and not just with fancy visuals. Our VR tour constantly reminds users that they’re somewhere else thanks to high-quality audio, a playful user interface and interactive 3D segments that fully utilize the Oculus Quest’s freedom of movement. 

Alexander Dohr, creative director

"For the first time, we based the design principles developed during the branding on a digital-first experience. We then defined VR, print, and trade fair scenarios - always including motion."


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